It's more than just a box on a pole...
It's the whole nine yards that matters.

We understand that facing all the challenges of a job are so much more than just the box. It's about the combination of hardware, software, RTK network, and getting the right people to have your back in a pinch. That's why we look beyond the box, so you don't get stuck on the job.


Whether you need advanced technology and versatility, or small and lightweight form factor, our hardware withstands the most rigorous and demanding environments, while producing unmatched performance.


Exponentially enhance your workflow, and get more out of your hardware. We focused heavily on providing a human-centered experience that dramatically reduced the level of effort needed to complete tasks.

RTK Network

They say bigger isn't always better, but in this case it is. SmartNet is the nations largest RTK Network and is growing daily. It is not only its size but also its robust server infrastructure that contributes to its dependability.

Your Team

Sure our people have made great products for over 200 years, but it was our relationships with our customers that made Leica Geosystems a great company. Our motto is to have our customers' back even after the sale.